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Delta Therapy Dog

Out of the 32 dogs which were passed to become a Delta Dog May 2015, only 3 were assessed as being “suitable for children” - and Spyro was one of these three! She impressed the assessor as she was so calm, very friendly and withstood a crowd of people shouting at her (using walking sticks and wheelchairs) without a fuss!

She truly is a special dog and we can’t wait to start our new journey as a Delta Team.

Love from Alison and Spyro xx

Our Agility Superstar

Ag Ch Cuebiyar FollowURDreams (iid)

© Sam Bois

Jahzara is African for "Blessed Princess" and she certainly has been blessed in so many ways. She is a very sweet, loving dog, who absolutely adores people as well as her growing list of doggy friends. From the moment we brought her home she settled into the dog pack easily and we quickly realized we had another special girl in our family.

Gold Coast KONGsultants

These Cuebiyar bred KONGsultants Crash (left), Tackle (middle) and Rumble (right) will show you how dogs use KONGs and how they can help prevent problem behaviours which dogs do...well because they are dogs!

Jack of All Trades

Cuebiyar Shindig AD JD GD SD SPD

© Kellie & Justin

When we decided it was time for another Aussie we spoke to Amanda about what sort of pup we wanted and wow did we get the Perfect Pup :) Kruze is the most amazing dog who wins the hearts of everyone he meets. He has plenty of drive but is still easy to live with. We love our boy and would clone him if we could.

Enriched Paws

L: Cuebiyar Hippy Hippy Shake
R: Cuebiyar SoComes SnowAfterFire

Shimmy & Harper will show you how to enrich your dogs' lives. Check out 'Enriched Paws' on Facebook!

Don't miss Harper's training videos with Dr Katrina Warren!

In The Driver's Seat

Cuebiyar Until the Last Day

Gnocchi always supports his dad, Warren Luff, on race days.