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Jack of All Trades

Cuebiyar Shindig AD JD GD SD SPD

© Kellie & Justin

When we decided it was time for another Aussie we spoke to Amanda about what sort of pup we wanted and wow did we get the Perfect Pup :) Kruze is the most amazing dog who wins the hearts of everyone he meets. He has plenty of drive but is still easy to live with. We love our boy and would clone him if we could.

Kruze was a very easy pup to train in agility, gaining his Australian Agility Champion in ADAA and winning the 2013 Maxi Team Challenge, 2010 Qld State Runner Up Champion in Excellent Jumping & 2010 Qld State Third Place in Excellent Agility.

Onto frisbee where he earned his Canine Disc Masters, Canine Disc Superior and Games Dog Excellence titles. He is also 2013 Canine Disc Throw and Catch Champion & 2013 Canine Disc Games Champion from the Qld State Titles.

Kruze has also done TV ads and photo shoots. Here is one (of many) TV ads he has starred in: